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International Journal of Innovative Research (IJIR) is an open-access triannual (three times in a year), peer-reviewed and multidisciplinary journal devoted to publication of original research articles, short communication and reviews on all aspects of innovative research. It is published by the Innovative Research Syndicate (IRS).

Volume 7 Number 1&2 (April and August 2022)

Title: Determinants of HIV/AIDS Knowledge among Women: A Study in Khulna District of Bangladesh
Author(s): Md. Jahidul Islam, Sumiya Rahman

Title: Seasonal Incidence and Damage Potentiality of the Aulacophora (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) Species in Cucurbits from the Southern part of Bangladesh
Author(s): Dolon Sarker, Mohammad Atikur Rahman, Md. Mohasin Hussain Khan and S. M. Hemayet Jahan

Title: First Record of the Genus and Species Bhamoina varipes (Jacoby, 1884) (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) in Bangladesh with Redescription of Basilepta subcostata (Jacoby, 1889)
Author(s): Samira Begum, Mohammad Atikur Rahman and S. M. Hemayet Jahan